About us

BEL group was founded in 1966 and rapidly increased its activities in the Composite material production market.

BEL group operates in two states of the art productions facilities, combining the resources necessary for design, development and manufacture of advanced composite products from cutting-edge technologies for the chemical and food industries, waste water treatment and water supply.

BEL quickly became the leader in the composite industry. BEL is involved in many mega-size desalination projects, providing a total solution of detailed design, production and installation of large-scale composite products for the process industry, water treatment industry and more.
With more than 50 years of experience in composite and winding, and with more than 110 years combined long and proven experience of BEL’s skilled managers, designers, engineers and fabricators, the company has developed and mastered the innovative technologies necessary to manufacture the highest quality composite products.

BEL's goal is to be the leader in providing commercial and industrial composite vessels for our clients' needs.

BEL's high-tech expertise in the field of composite technology has lent itself to the design and manufacture of a variety of high performance GRP Pressure Vessels and other equipment, adapting them to the growing needs of the water treatment and the process industry.