Doosan chose BEL for its desalination plant in Chile

BEL pressure Vessels selected by Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction for Copper Mine’s 220,000 m3/d (58 MGD) SWRO, Doosan’s first seawater desalination plant project in the Latin America.

BEL will supply more than 2,500 pressure vessels equipped with high grade steel side ports in a state of the art multiport arrangement.

The Escondida seawater desalination plant will have a combined daily output of about 220,000 m³/d, making it the largest RO type project to be constructed in the Latin American region.

With more than 45 years of experience in the world of composite materials and winding driven products, BEL is serving the process and water industries holding unique wealth of expertise and skilled resources necessary for design, development and manufacturing of advanced composite products from cutting-edge technologies for the chemical and food industries, waste water treatment and water supply.