BEL 8" Side Port / Multiple port vessel

BEL 8" Side Port Vessels designed to accommodate standard 8" membranes, from 1 membrane up to 8 membranes. The vessel body produced by a continuous filament winding process and the feed and concentrate pipe connections are located on the side of the vessel body. The trust ring is a part of the End Cap and available on both sides, keeps the membranes tight all time and reduce the burnout of the O-rings. Multiple ports 8" vessels with 3 and 4 Side Ports 1.5", 2", 3" and 4" are available, Users of BEL Multiple Port Pressure Vessels claim significant proven technological and commercial advantages:


  • Cost reduction on plant construction materials, piping, labor and accessories
  • Smaller footprint
  • Lower long term maintenance expense
  • Flexible design


Larger diameter ports allow improved flow rate from inlet to the next vessel in row. BEL Multiple Port Vessels are available with up to 4" diameter Side Ports. please refer to the Technical Manuals for further information.



R.O. Membranes loading:

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Membranes Probing with BEL ProValve: